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Journal Articles:

Swaminathan A, Torresi J, Schlagenhauf P, Thursky K, Wilder-Smith A, Connor BA, Schwartz E, von Sonnenberg F, Keystone J, O'Brien DP, for the GeoSentinel Network. A global study of pathogens and host risk factors associated with infectious gastrointestinal disease in returned international travelers.
J Infect. 2009 Jul;59(1):19-27

Burchard GD,  Caumes  E, Connor  BA, Freedman DO, Jelinek T, Jong EC, von Sonnenburg F, Steffen R, Tsai TF, Wilder-Smith A, Zuckerman J. Expert Opinion on Vaccination of Travelers Against Japanese Encephalitis J Trav Med 2009;  16 (3): 204–216

Greenwood Z,  Black J,  Weld L,  O’Brien D,  Leder K,  von Sonnenburg F,  Pandey P, Schwartz E,  Connor BA,  Brown G,  Freedman DO,  Torresi J. Gastrointestinal Infection Among International Travelers Globally. J Trav Med 2008; 15(4):221-228



Schwartz E, Connor BA.  Approach to Patients with Post-Travel DiarrheaIn: Schwartz E. Tropical Diseases in Travelers, 1st edition. Blackwell 2009

Schwartz E, Connor BA Typhoid Infection British Medical Journal BMJ Evidence Epocrates Online 2008-2009

Connor BA. Persistent Travelers’ Diarrhea. In: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Health Information for International Travel 2009-2010


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